June 7, 2010

How does Topps celebrate Strasburg's debut?

Topps announced today that it will offer Stephen Strasburg's first - official - rookie card Tuesday immediately following his first pitch for the Washington Nationals.

In an effort to capture this special moment in a timely fashion and give sports fans around the world an opportunity to collect this treasured card, during Strasburg’s very first MLB game on June 8, collectors visiting www.toppsmillion.com with a code card found in Topps Series 1 or Topps Series 2 baseball will have a chance to unlock this special card.  

According to the release, the card will feature a photo from his very first pitch and will be offered in a limited quantity, but it did offer the run for the card.

Any Topps release this year will also feature his rookie card, starting with Allen & Ginter.

In conjunction with the announcement, Topps also announced on its Twitter page that it will host contests/giveaways to win Series 2 product for a chance to get a Strasburg rookie card.

I opened a jumbo last week and saved all my Topps Million cards. I have about 15 or so stashed somewhere. Perhaps, I'll try my luck tomorrow in getting one of these cards.

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  1. I have a stack of 72 Topps Million code cards sitting on my desk. I guess now would be a good time to sell them.