June 7, 2010

Holy Heritage jackpot

Today I went on a big of a wild goose chase looking for some 2010 Bowman since there are so many cards I want from that set (read: so many = ONE). I try Target #1, they were opening new shipment boxes (for once, I didn't have to open them myself) and the kid let me look inside... They sent them 2009 Bowman rack packs. Yawn. Next.

Target #2 had the same stale crap that they always do, without a trace of Series 2 just like Target #1. Now, I'm getting antsy and just keep going around the mall. I try Sports Authority just for the hell of it, and nothing. Then I go to Modells. This is where my story becomes a story.

They had no Bowman or Series 2 packs or blasters but they had a blaster of Series 1 Topps which I almost debated but then didn't care. There were a ton of Heritage packs all neatly in the gravity box. But do I want more Heritage? No, but I needed something to make it all stop. I grab about 6 or 7 packs, realized I really don't want that many and went to put back all but 2 when I noticed something really weird. One of the packs looked like it had 20 cards inside. Curious, right? I thought so, too. So I obviously buy that pack and pick one other and get on line.

The picture is taken from the non-gum side of both packs just to clarify that.

I get home after doing what I really went out to do (which coincidentally had nothing to do with Bowman, blasters, packs, or Modells) and finally get to open the packs. I opened the thicker one first because I wanted to see how many extra cards I got, and I was hoping they botched and gave me some nice chrome cards or a refractor or 2. They botched alright. I saw the side view and was giddy thinking they were extra chrome... Take a look...

Let's take a bit of a closer look at how ridiculously great for me the distribution was in this small sampling of Heritage retail packs. I will refrain from saying anything about two cards being dinged on the back as a result of hitting the Heritage jackpot.

Yes, I am serious. There were FOUR stamp cards /50 in ONE pack. Gadzooks! I also got the Matt Holliday chrome card, and a Tim Lincecum short print.

I need to save some of this luck to pull a Pujols auto one of these days. I don't know what is going on lately, but I have had a hot hand picking packs which works for many of you since most of it ends up as trade bait.

Eat that 2010 Bowman.


  1. Kick ass good fortune!!!


  2. congrats - send some of that luck down my way - and get them to open that new target next to where I work.

  3. Sweet, I didn't even know the stamps were in retail. Theriot FTW.

  4. Sweet! Love when that stuff happens to one of us.

  5. Amazing! I've opened a small mountain of Heritage and have yet to pull a stamp. Maybe you'll find a Bowman pack with four or five Harper or Strasburg refractors next!

  6. Yowza! I can't even find a Julio Lugo relic in retail Heritage and you get 4 stamps! I know someone who will want that Theriot, by the way...

    - Andy