June 5, 2010

Hard to pull Harper

I did an unscientific survey, which is really the only kind that should be done because you get the exact results that you wanted.

First I spoke with a cardshop owner that busted a case of 2010 Bowman hobby boxes (not the jumbo).

Me: Did you get any Bryce Harpers out of the case?

Him: Just one.


I was mildly surprised by the news. One Harper chrome in all the jumbo. Wow.

I was at a card show today. Few dealers had 2010 Bowman, so I asked.

Me: Did you bust any cases?
Him: One hobby and one jumbo.
Me: Get any Harpers?
Him: Just two, including a refractor. I got lucky.
Me: In two cases you just got two of him, how is that lucky?
Him: A guy down the way busted three cases, he didn't get any.

No wonder why I can't get any Harpers, but other clowns from USA Baseball are stalking me.


  1. Have you seen BGS 10 Strasburg Base auction? $152 with 20hrs left.


  2. wow, that's not even the chrome.

  3. There's a Harper BGS 10 listed but it's only at $128. I've pulled two Harper's but I've busted a ton of backs not nearly a Jumbo case though.

  4. 42 USA cards * 1:4/packs = 168 packs to get a Bryce Harper.

  5. Woa,

    Then I've been super lucky to pull one out of a 30 something hobby packs tonight.

    Sweet !

  6. Oddly enough...I've bought 4 hobby boxes and pulled the Harper refractor...but I am yet to find one regular Strasburg.