June 8, 2010

Happy Strasburg Day!

Ah yes, Stephen Strasburg. The young pitcher with a heart of gold - or at least the guy that is able to make some people money.

Strasburg makes his debut tonight for the Washington Nationals when he faces the Pittsburgh Pirates. Does it get any easier than this? He dominated the minor leagues and since the Pirates are really just a glorified AAA team, he will probably dominate them as well.

As we noted yesterday, Topps will make his rookie card available tonight sometime after his first pitch on their Topps Million Card Giveaway site. The codes you have used to redeem cards throughout from Series 1 and 2 products will now give you the opportunity to win the FIRST-EVER (I wish there was a way to make sarcastic lettering) rookie card.

Topps is holding contests throughout the day to win Topps Series 2 product in order to get some of the fancy code cards.

Contest #1 - on Facebook. Make a prediction on Strasburg's line for tonight. Let us know what you picked. We're not giving away anything, I'm just being nosy. I went with six innings, four hits, one earned run, one walk and seven strikeouts. That are he blows his arm out on the first pitch of the game.

Contest #2 - The contest is on Twitter,  but you can read about the rules from the Topps blog. Upload a photo of your favorite Topps rookie card from your collection.  Mention @toppscards and use the hastag #StrasburgDay.

Contest #3 - More Facebook. Make a prediction on anything Strasburg.

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