June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to wish Derek Jeter and happy 36th birthday. Him and his bitches.


  1. 1. You're making him a little bit of an older fart than he is. He's 36, not 37.

    2. you don't have to be jealous that he is marrying in November. ;)

    i'm trying to figure out Minka. She's hot and has a pretty good career going, so I don't know why she needs to attach to Jeter unless that's the key to superstar-dom or better networking contacts.

  2. cynicalbuddha - Madonna was ARod's bitch.

    Two packs - thanks for the catch. They kept saying 37 on TV and I just went with it. And, you ever think that maybe Minka Kelly is with Jeter because they love each other and it has nothing to do with building a bigger name?

    I am also not jealous of anyone getting married to anyone. Once that ring slips on your finger, your life as you knew it is over.

  3. Ok....Life is not over once you put that ring on: When you've truly found someone that can make you feel so loved, so honored, so appreciated, and so complete in so many ways.... When you've found someone that will pick you up when you're down, hold your head when you're sick and puking, hold on to you when you're crying, and laugh with you when your laughing.... When you found someone that makes you know in your own heart makes you want to say, "you make me want to be a better man not just for myself but for us".... When you place that ring on their finger life is not over. If you can give integrity, commitment, honor, love, be able to listen and communicate (that means hearing her out and giving her a shoulder to rest her weary head on and not trying to figure out a solution to her problems), share willingly, be open with your feelings ( no need to shout at one another and discuss things at reasonable levels), help around the house so not one person is stuck doing everything, and most importantly to hold her high above yourself and pray for her....Then your life is truly just beginning.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to insult Jeter....LOL. Sorry if I seemed like I was going off at you Sooz but I wasn't by any means! I just get defensive around the institution of marriage (part of my job).

  5. Tim, no worries. I understand your point. I just don't think people need to get married unless they want to protected under certain laws.

    I just don't need a ring or a piece of paper to quantify my feelings for someone. The only thing that I need to tell me how I feel for someone is my heart. Every action I take speaks infinitely louder than a ring no matter what I do.

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  7. That is true Sooz. The heart measures more then anything!

  8. >sooz: And, you ever think that
    >maybe Minka Kelly is with Jeter >because they love each other and
    >it has nothing to do with building
    > a bigger name?

    2 celebs - nope. If it were everyday people I'd buy it that they are together because they love each other.

    I think celeb marriages fail more than regular people's marriages because it is of a need, not love. When the need is met to satisfaction (or because of the lack of love, people cheat on each other) and the celeb marriage is over.

    Jeter is a superstar, Minka has a good career going but it's not what it could be if she hooked up with Jeter to open more doors or get more interest in her. Once she's a megasuperstar, she'll dump Jeter because she has what she needs (or Jeter will be cheating on her).