June 11, 2010

Great eBay seller

Most of us look for cards to buy on eBay and there are many times where you look at peoples feedback, shipping charges, prices, etc. to make a decision on who to buy your cards from. Sometimes the shipping cost is a little more but the cards are less or vice versa. There is one particular seller that I have purchased cards from a couple of times, and just got my third order from them today.

Bleacher Seats Sports Cards & Collectibles has been a seller with a stellar record of feedback, and consistently reasonable prices for cards and shipping. Shipping charges are a flat rate of $2.15 for unlimited cards, and if that wasn't a good enough deal they put every card in a penny sleeve and toploader. I know to some of us that seems obvious, but most sellers on eBay when you buy a bunch of cards they sandwich them between 2 toploaders or jam them into a superthick toploader.

The turnaround on my last order was 5 days, which I think is good especially considering the care they take in packaging each order.

If you are looking for some singles, definitely try Bleacher Seats Sports Cards & Collectibles before going elsewhere.

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