June 15, 2010

Getting creative with sketch cards

When Topps announced the 'You Sketch It' cards for Series 2, many collectors became excited. There are some who enjoy drawing and creative their own cards and looked at this contest as a fan opportunity to get involved.

Others didn't care to send the cards to Topps. They are finding their own market with these cards. This just goes to show that if something is original and fun, there are people out there who are willing to collect.

Tim Lincecum (auction link). I was tipped off to this sketch card on Twitter (I think WillClark2 fan).

Tiger Woods Uberfractor sketch card (auction link)

Stephen Strasburg #1 (auction link)

Strasburg #2 (This is actually a really nice card) (auction link)

Armando Gallaraga (auction link) - also check out the Q&A at the bottom of the auction

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  1. This one looks weird.


  2. Hahahahaha, these are great! The description of the Tiger Woods card is hilarious.

    "The picture features Tiger Woods and his lady friends enjoying a round of golf. Then maybe after golf they will go to his house and do other stuff. I dont know."

  3. That one Strasburg card looks nice... and the others are at least funny. I've seen actual Topps sketches that I liked less.

  4. haha I drew that Lincecum as a joke and its has sold over and over again weird