June 2, 2010

Fun-filled weekend in Atlantic City

OK, so I live near Atlantic City and can get there whenever I want, but I had two reasons to go this, which had nothing to do with poker (you know who I'm talking to - EVIL EYES).

On Sunday, I went to the Borgata to see Conan O'Brien. That was a ton of fun. I laughed so much and at times was literally holding my stomach from laughing so hard. The comic dog made a video appearance. Andy Richter was there and the band sans Max Weinberg.

He did some bits and sang some songs. At the very end, I was a total girl. After singing a song, Conan said goodnight and left the stage. But you know there is always an encore at every show. At this point, a bunch of people left though thinking the show was over.

But I didn't move.

Conan came back out with the band. He told everyone in the back to move forward. Forget the people that left on their comped tickets and for the real fans to come forward. Then, they sang The Weight, which is a song I absolutely love. Then, he jumped into the crowd and was hugging and giving people handshakes. I got all mushy and even had a tear in my eye.

Here are some bad pics from my camera phone.

This last picture is pretty funny. Before the show, I was telling my boyfriend that the last show I saw at the Borgata was Meatloaf (Yes, meatloaf).

This bat in the picture is apparently the bat that is blown up during Meatloaf's concert when he sings Bat Out of Hell. I was cracking up and said, "See, it's cyclical. It all comes together."

Overall, great show. I had a great time and laughed a lot.

On Monday, Darryl Strawberry was doing a free autograph session at the Showboat. One of my friends down here is a big Mets fans, so we planned on going so she can get his signature for her and her dad. Even though my boyfriend is not a sports fan, we dragged him a long, which turned out to work in our favor.

We got there about a half hour early and went to stand in line. In casinos, the better rated club card you  have, the better treatment you get. I don't gamble or play cards much, so I'm just a lowly gold card at Harrah's properties. However, my boyfriend is a Diamond card, which is the third tier (Harrah's doesn't even tell you about that top tier on their website because only high rollers ever get there).

There was separate line for Diamond members and we got to stand on that line. We were about 10th in line and got our autos fairly quickly. You were allowed only one piece at a time, which was free. If you wanted something else signed, you had to go back in line. If you wanted a picture taken with Strawberry that was an extra $10, which my friend got.

Here's Strawberry signing. 

I ended up getting a baseball signed. I went on a scavenger hunt to find an official MLB baseball Monday morning too. I went to six stores before I ended up at The Sports Authority. No other store had any - all sold out, they said. Then, I go to TSA and they had about 30.

Here's my signed ball.

Despite the fact that I'm sick, I had a really great weekend. No sinus infection/flu/cold can hold me down. However, when I got home on Monday afternoon, I passed out on the couch and didn't move for the next few hours.

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  1. Great story - and a very solid looking signature from Straw. He has many versions and this one is near the top!! Congrats!