June 17, 2010

Finally, some news on 2010 Bowman Chrome

Yes, no or maybe? Many collectors were asking that question about 2010 Bowman Chrome.

The sales on 2010 Bowman have been impressive - it would be hard to imagine that any of those cards will be left on shelves by the end of the year - but rumors spread that perhaps Bowman Chrome wouldn’t make an appearance this year.

Topps released information on 2010 Bowman Chrome today, finally. It will be released mid-October and will have one autograph per every 18-pack hobby box, Beckett said on its blog on Wednesday. The autos will be of 24 prospects that did not appear in 2010 Bowman.

Click here for the sell sheets on Freedom Cardboard.

That set is coming back, but there were a couple of interesting notes about the set.

1. 2010 Bowman Chrome will include a Chrome autograph of Stephen Strasburg.

2. Some of the names mentioned in the prospects set were guys who signed exclusive contracts with Razor: Tim Beckham, Yonder Alonso and Brett Wallace., which you can read about on Freedom Cardboard by masonphillip. There are some more notes in the thread on their board.

With Bowman Chrome, only the 18-and-under USA guys will be included. The college national team is in Topps Chrome and 16-and-under in a future product.

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