June 3, 2010

Did Bowman live up to the hype?

As you can see from previous blog posts, both Sooz and myself have opened our fair share of 2010 Bowman packs. I opened a handful of retail packs last night and ended up with a couple of purple refractors.

Come to find out later when reading the pack wrapper, they are 1:8 packs and considering I opened 7 packs I hit the jackpot. Despite the "coolness" or "mojoness" of the sexy and manly purple, these guys won't go for more than a buck on eBay. Secondary market for these cards seems to be limited just to Strasburg and a few select others.

Since I pulled the Murphy auto, I will hold onto both cards for a while and see what happens. I listed some cards on eBay just to try and recoup some of the money spent. Though with eBay if you don't list the auto cards as soon as they come out you end up on the low end of selling because the market floods.

Now here is where the question comes into play. I like this years set as a whole, and the added "Wonka factor" of the Strasburg makes it all the more entertaining to open packs. I would love to put together a set of the 1992 flashback cards or the Topps 100, but realistically I won't finish it because I lose interest after a week in set building. I think those two insert sets are great, and I particularly think the Topps 100 was an awesome way to keep track of prospects from year to year if they continue to make this a regular set feature. What are your thoughts on the set and the inserts?

I think 2010 Bowman is going to be one of the most successful selling products in recent years, and that has a whole lot to do with Strasburg, but give Topps some credit as well for the inserts and the design. Strasburg being in the set pumped up the hype and the sales, but overall as someone that doesn't do any prospecting I am having a ball trying to pull a cool card.

It will be interesting to see the prices on the 2010 Bowman Chrome set as well as Topps Chrome as the release gets closer, and even after the release what will happen with the prices. I know I wish I had pre-ordered a box or 90 of Bowman when they first went pre-sale.


  1. I'm in love with these cards. Check out what I pulled today!

  2. Sweet card, Tony. I'm sure that will get you $50 on eBay.

  3. Don't know. I've become very attached to the card. Never thought I'd say that about a card serial numbered to 999 before this release. I've pulled 13 refractors (I may have a little problem!) and this one is by far the best condition wise. Think a BGS 10 label may bring a few extra bucks? There's an auction at $71 for an obviously off centered one.


  4. I guess I underestimated the resale of that. Definitely would be able to get more for a BGS 9.5 or 10. That will be entertaining when the graded ones hit eBay.

  5. Is Bowman worth the hype? For me, i don't know yet.

    I do know about some of the prospects from hype on the message boards or if they've come through the PCL, but as is typical for me and Bowman, I won't know until a few years down the line when I've seen who actually makes it to the majors and becomes a star. I do Bowman because I know it's more affordable to buy around release (well, when the Strasburg hype dies down since I got the 330 card basic set before the Strasburg hype and I have to wait for the 110 chrome set after the Strasburg hype dies down).

    I do know most about strasburg and about the kid in chicago who has a flashy glove but Lee has to save his ass everytime from getting a throwing error. I wonder if Lou has indigestion every time he sees Starlin throw a ball.

  6. I was completely uninterested in this set. That is until everyone and their brother and sister and cousin and...you get the point, wrote about it. Plus all the craziness around Strasburg...I cleaned out two Kmarts...TWO!!

  7. LOL @ cleaning out TWO KMarts. My KMart only has old crap, Target is where it's at.

    They had 4 blasters when I went yesterday. I bought one yesterday, and just opened that one. And I went back today, there were still 3 left so I grabbed a "reserve blaster".... I thought about selling it, but I kinda want to keep going until I pull the Strasburg which is stupid considering I am just going to sell it when I finally find it.

  8. I pulled a Strasburg base card in the second rack pack I opened. I also pulled a Chrome Starlin Castro. That is about it.