June 10, 2010

Amazingly misleading Strasburg auction

I'm sure there are a number of these out there, but I ran across this auction for a retail box of 2010 Bowman Chrome.

Consumers should be aware of several things when it comes to the retail boxes.

1. There are no Strasburg autos in retail.

2. There are no on-card autos in retail.

3. The odds of pulling any kind of parallel other than a purple refractor are 1 in 32 packs.

I've been buying retail, but I know when I am getting. I just don't want to see people get hosed when buying cards to go with the hype.

You want to spend money on cards, I have no problem with that. Just PLEASE  be informed.


  1. What my dad would say about this listing is, "No good can come of this."

    Either the seller is a crook, and knows that the description of retail product is a lie, or the seller is a dolt, and is just passing on the ignorance to another customer.

    After all, it's conceivable that this seller overpaid for these when someone else ripped him or her off first.