June 4, 2010

2010 Topps Series 2 Hobby box break

This box break was generously sponsored by Freedom Cardboard because he hearts us. Actually, I think he is just a nice guy who likes to support the hobby so it could be that, too. Chris was nice enough to send a box for both me and Sooz to review. I opened mine up and had a good time doing so. The box was a lot of fun to break and had a great variety of cards inside. I didn't count all the base cards because I don't build sets (and I don't care), but I did collate the base cards to see that there were zero doubles in the box.

I didn't scan all of the base cards, and there was no way I was doing a pack by pack breakdown. I am just not that person. You are getting a box break my way because, well, I can write what I want. =)

First group of cards: The airborne dudes

I love action shots so those were fun to see. While some cards are cool when they are posed for, I think I great photography "catch" is more fun.

The second group: The O-face/Scared face
Hey, I thought they were funny.

Some good Franchise cards
My favorite cards, my binders welcome you all. HEY! Wait a minute, there's that Chipper card. He is a sneaky lil guy, always in the things I open. He goes in a stack of Chippers to be sent to the Chipper (evil laugh).
OK, enough of me being goofy. Here are all the inserts:

David Aardsma black 01/59

Gold cards

Legendary Lineage
History of the World Series

Peak Performance

Topps 2020 - Scans don't do these cards justice. They are awesome in person, and I can guarantee most people will love them when they are holding one. Fun insert set.

Turkey Red - this was always one of my favorite products when it was around as it's own set. Would take these over Ginter every and any day. Really, they both have the SAME design every year but these are actually of all baseball players and they are colorful and great drawings. The Joe Morgan card is free to anyone who wants it, otherwise I am lighting it on fire.
Vintage Legends collection - personally, I could take or leave this subset. Does nothing for me one way or the other.

The Cards Your Mom Threw Away

Topps Attax code cards (holy boatload)

Million Card Giveaway

Sketch Your Own Card (2) - Awesome Idea.

Red Hot Rookies redemption card - was in the first pack on top which I found kind of odd. I like the RHR idea, I got a couple a few years ago and did well with my cards. I ended up with a Kershaw and Sandoval (there was a 3rd that I don't remember).

Peak Performance Ted Lilly game used jersey card - was damaged inside the pack, look by the Topps logo. They are getting sloppy with the quality control issues, this is roughly the 5th damaged card I have pulled in the last 3 weeks.

A.J. Burnett silk card - 1:431 hobby packs, a.k.a the case hit.


Base - lots of cards, no doubles.
Black - 1
Gold - 6
Legendary Lineage - 9
History of the World Series - 6
Peak Performers - 8
Topps 2020 - 6
Turkey Red - 9
Vintage Legends - 9
The Cards Your Mom Threw Away - 11
Topps Attax Code Cards - kajillion
Topps Sketch Your Own Card - 2
Red Hot Rookie Redemption - 1
Peak Performers game used - 1
Topps Silk - 1 (bonus)

My opinion hasn't really changed of the basic Topps set for 2010 between Series 1 and Series 2. I enjoyed opening this box very much, and the different inserts were nice to see. Topps seemed to try and do something a little more creative with the 2020 set, and I am a big fan of it. Add that to the list of little sets Marie would like to complete but won't.

There is no excuse for damaged cards, I got one in this box, and one in my jumbo packs. You can also note the off set lettering on the gold Ruben Tejada card. There are also little creases on the back of most of the 2020 cards, including the ones from the jumbo packs I opened.

I would go with an A- on the grading of the Series 2 as a whole.


  1. I'm interested in the Morgan. Heck, I'm interested in any Turkey Reds. I love 'em.

  2. Great breakdown! My wife bought a couple of boxes last weekend for my stepson & I. His box was WAY better than mine. I had 20 cards that were cut BAD!! & every Topps Attax card had damaged corners. He also pulled a silk card. Anyway.... I have a Series I Mantle Turkey Red I'll trade for your Ty Cobb Turkey Red.

  3. Hello- Would we maybe be able to work out a trade for the JR Towles gold card? I'm sure I could find something for you. Email me at camh44@gmail.com if interested.

  4. Just opened three boxes and in two of the three, almost every pack had the fifth card (usually the horizontal one before the inserts) was badly damaged on one corner.
    Also got a couple dozen cards with part of the black missing from the names. Will be sending a few packages back to Topps for replacement.
    I do really like the base design and all the inserts, though.

  5. I just opened two my own yesterday. I gotta say, I agree totally with you. The foil on some of my cards was coming off onto the backs of others.
    I pulled two rookie redemption, both #4. I hope these make it to me unlike my WBC cards that Topps says it shipped but I NEVER got in 2009.
    The 2020 set is very cool and the action shots were excellent. I even like the Chipper card, ball about to meet bat.
    I got very few Yankees out of the two boxes which was disappointing.
    My one complaint with this set is, not enough rookies. I pulled 1 Heyward base RC from 2 boxes.

    I think the foil packs help to ding the corners when they are opened. There has to be a better way. I think I am going to cut off the tops from now on with scissors to see if this works any better.

  6. A Hat logo card last week and now a silk! Two case hits out of what, one hobby box and a few jumbos? Save some hits for the rest of us!

    I had to open 9 hobby boxes to pull a hat logo and a silk! Can you pick out all of the packs/boxes I buy from now on?

  7. sru- I just picked a box, and then grabbed 2 packs from it. no real rhyme or reason. I wish I had some sort of secret vision to see inside the jumbo packs.

    I probably won't be able to send most of this stuff back because I don't have all my wrappers/receipts, though I am sure I can get a receipt for my stuff at the shop to return if I want. It's a hassle that I shouldn't have to be bothered with, if I send scans of their crappy QC issues they should replace and send me an envelope to return their junk.

  8. I didn't think the count the rookies inside the box either, I have to go check that.

  9. That was a great post! Very nice way to break down the various cards.I love the baseball and WS history inserts. Haven't seen any around here yet.Can't wait!