June 10, 2010

2010 Razor Poker video box break

I don't do box breaks often (Read: I did one), but I think I like videos better than scanning because I am lazy.

Here's 2010 Razor Poker.

I'll add the scans anyway to the post, so you guys can see the cards better. But, I am just getting the video up for now and will put up the scans before the end of tonight (Thursday).


  1. Short. To the point. Just the facts. A little humor. Good video break. More, please.

  2. Interesting product - I didn't realize there was a market out there for poker star signatures. Are the cards numbered like a base set (except full of autos)?

  3. You almost make me want to collect Poker cards.

    Sweet break, products look really good for ''non-sport''

  4. Way to correct their punctuation/word usage!

    I do that all the time. Journalism geeks unite!

  5. FanofReds, the first two cards - the Hachem and Rousso - are considered base cards. The others are subsets.

    Night owl - I can't help it. I read things and see them immediately. Least I know there is someone else out there who does the same thing.

  6. Isn't Humberto the guy with the little shark?

  7. And, my boyfriend text me from the poker table after watching the video to tell me it's pronounced ah-re-ay not Aria.

  8. Boy, they will make cards out of anything these days.

    I will say those are quite cool though. The event-worn shirt is facinating.

  9. Great job on the video break. Watching it reminded me of my visit to New York a few years ago.

  10. that was me not trying to have an accent. :(

  11. Nicely done!

    About the product though (just so I don't fall into the negative bucket right away), I figure that I need to say something nice about it first. I think that, overall, it looks pretty sharp, and the the design is clean and handsome.

    Now that's out of the way, on to the criticism (which is really only two things, anyway):

    1) I've noticed the same thing about Razor's writing on past poker and baseball prospect sets. I'll be generous and say that it's at about an eight grade level. I'm not perfect either, but I see consistent and perpetual grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in every set from Razor. Yeah, everybody's got tight deadlines, but apparently they don't believe in proofreading, and a spell check must be a luxury.

    2) I don't care who is the card maker, it's lazy design if you can't use a picture of the guy (or gal) wearing the shirt that matches the relic. Just because laziness is endemic, doesn't mean it should stay that way. There's a zillion pictures of all of these famous athletes and gamblers, and they can't find one that at least looks similar to the relic?

    2(Face+Palm)= Double Facepalm.

    Oh, and about the poker players. I think it's super cowardly to be able to wear shades or low hats, or basically anything that covers a good part of the face. What, they can't be bothered to bluff without wearing a pair of Oakleys?

    If I ran a poker tournament, it would be, "keep the crap off your face, or you don't enter". I mean, if they're that cowardly, why don't they just put on a burqa with cute little playing card designs to hide their intentions?