June 8, 2010

2 packs of 2010 Topps Jumbo

I went to the shop to drop off some cards for Dan, and to spy on the Bowman situation. There was no Bowman to spy on, it was all gone just like everywhere else. Oh well. I couldn't leave empty handed. I grabbed 2 jumbo packs and went on my way.

Here is what was in them (no base cards were scanned):

History of the World Series

Gold cards

Peak Performance

Legendary Lineage

Vintage Legends

Cards Your Mom Threw Away

Topps 2020

Turkey Red

Million Card Giveaway

Topps Sketch Your Own

Peak Performance Game Used
The packs were fun, but I missed opening a jumbo pack with the "Wonka" factor. No chance for a golden ticket in here. My favorite are still the 2020 from Series 2, and I think I have 5 Roy Campanella cards now if anyone needs one.


  1. That Gold Logan is cool, if only because I got his autograph at a Reds-Cubs game about a month ago.

  2. Send me a Campy and I'll find something to make you happy.

  3. If you're not doing a set, we could send you our want list. The collation is hilariously bad! I'm with you on those 2020 cards... I'd buy packs of a set of those! I wonder how they'd refractor-ize them...