May 24, 2010

Topps Series 2 singles hitting the Bay

I love when singles hit eBay early, probably because it annoys a lot of people. I pretty much find anything that makes other people mad funny. It's OK to laugh at me when I am mad. It's only fair, really.

Anyway, Marie sent me a link to a Robinson Cano Topps Series 2 auto. I was surprised to actually see the cards on eBay THIS early. I don't think the set is actually set to come out until Thursday (maybe Wednesday).

You only need to click on one of each auction style because they scanned all the cards into the same picture.

Relic cards: Alfonso Soriano, Adam Jones and others.

Hat logo cards: Larry Doby, Juan Marichal and Alex Rodriguez.

Dual relic card: Albert Pujols and Ryan Howard (Who is buying this for Marie?)

Autos: Robinson Cano, Luis Aparicio and George Kell

Jumbo patch: Matt Cain

Jumbo jersey: Chipper Jones

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  1. My Jumbo case is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday will see what happens. I also think this guy set the bar low on the buy it nows. Hes the first to have cards up he should have took advantage of it.

  2. Excellent! I only ordered a jumbo box, so it probably won't come until next week, but I'm excited nonetheless.

  3. I love it when these singles go cheap! Picked up a Berkman bat relic for $.99 today as well as a Francoeur hat logo card for $15