May 26, 2010

Target's bargain packs

Over the last few months the selection of the bargain packs at Target has pretty much sucked. They have really only had 2007 Fleer Ultra/2007 Upper Deck. This week, I saw an unopened box in the aisle and took it upon myself to peek inside. I hit the bargain jackpot. There were 2008 Heritage, 2008 Stadium Club, and 2005 UD All Star Classics... Yes, I picked the 2005 junk.

Why did I pick that? Well, for one I don't think I had ever opened a pack of them before and couldn't even remember what they might look like. The other reason is that as far as Heritage and Stadium Club go, I don't think anything I want would be inside a retail leftover that has been searched. For $1.59 per pack, I had a good time opening these packs and the fact that there was a Pujols in each of the first two packs really made my day. I'm pretty sure I may only have a card or two from this set from people sending me stuff, so this was a win for me.

I scanned a bunch of the cards, and while there were no game used cards (odds on pack said 1:12, however they didn't have 12), I got plenty of cards, some inserts, and some old school player cards. I like the All-Star Futures cards and most of those will make their way into my binders.

Here are the scans, you know, to make the blog look nicey nice...

Welcome home, Albert.

A card from when The Kid could stay away for 9 innings. Gong.
No pack purchases are ever complete unless this guy shows up.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (and if you don't you should), know that there were TONS of discounted blasters at my local K-Mart so stay tuned for that little slice of junk heaven.


  1. why why why does my target only carry non-sports packs in the 1.59 bin???

  2. how have I never heard of 05 ASC? was it retail only? can you spare the Yount and Mauer for some Jeter/pujols? I still have a small pile for you, but never heard back from emails...

  3. I bought a box of this a year or two ago. Very sharp looking cards in my opinion. Be my hero, I only need card 89 to complete the set. Let me know what you need in doubles.


  4. I keep hoping Target will restock those 08 Stadium Club $1.59 packs. Hey, what do you want for that UD All-Stars Chipper card?

  5. 2005 Junk? That's one of the best looking sets ever! Still chasing a lot of the inserts myself...

  6. Paul, I have #89 for you. I dont know if I will complete this set but if you have an Mariano Rivera or ARod, that would be cool.