May 16, 2010

Sunday Question

Over the last couple of months, many bloggers expressed their collecting feelings were waning.

With new products coming out, have your feelings changed at all?

I went out and bought a couple of packs of Bowman, but I am still not interested in hobby boxes. However, I still want the guys I collect, which is all of three people.

How do you guys feel?

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  1. Since things are slow, I've been concentrating on getting my existing cards in order and buying 1998 cards (my current obsession)on eBay.

  2. I wish mine where waning. I keep getting interested in the new products. I told myself I was going to stick to one set and one set only and now I am after two and I keep eying Chicle. I need to get picker. I always have to get at least a pack from each product, baseball wise anyhow. I try and stay clear of the high end ones simply because of price.

  3. Like capewood said, I'm trying to get more of my collection organized. But then again I've been trying to do that for years! :)

  4. I don't think of it so much as my interest is waning, I see it more as I am not bombarded with product seemingly every two weeks.

    I now can actually take the time to appreciate a product and find out more about it than just spend a few muinets and jump to something else when the "next big thing" hits.

    I like the sense of leisure that a relaxed release schedule has brought to a hobby that is supposed to elicit that type of mood anyway.

  5. I also now have extra time to work on my spelling.


    I'm a

  6. I don't care about new product..

    Off subject...Sooz, were you at the Yanks game today? I think I saw you on TV.

  7. Cam,

    I was not at the game today. I hope whoever you saw was hot though. :)

  8. Bowman is evil and must be destroyed.

    Chicle is nice, but Hobby is way overpriced and retail isn't out anywhere near me.

    I'm having a good ol' time buying up vintage stuff though.

  9. I'm actually moving away from sports more and more each day. I'm really getting into the personal sketch card stuff. I can work directly with the artists to get a card I want, rather than crap shooting packs and boxes.

    I've been sitting on the fence for a few weeks now, going through the motions, and soon I'll make a decision on where my collection will truly be focused.

    I don't see it including boxes, packs, or anything newer than 1970 and heavily focused on vintage non-sports and PSCs.

    Kinda makes the Wax in Wax Wombat pretty useless, though.

  10. I'm no longer interested in Chicle, and I'm not remotely excited about Bowman. I'm still looking forward to Topps Series 2.

    What rekindled my enthusiasm a little are some late 1980s & early 1990s junk cards that I picked up at a card show last weekend. With luck, I'll be able to scan & post about them sometime this week.

  11. Nothing new is exciting me. Chicle is kinda cool, but way too expensive $5 per pack at my LCS...). Bowman is OK but also overpriced, based on the slim odds of pulling a Strasburg.

    I've been having fun buying oddball and junk boxes at my shop from the 80s and 90s, and I've also decided to just start collecting packs. There's something cool looking about a 1990 Donruss pack in a team bag.

  12. I've been organizing for years myself. In fact, half of the enjoyment I get from my collection is reorganizing it. I doubt I will ever find the optimum system.

  13. Anytime I feel my interest is slacking off I have stacks and stacks of cards to catalog, organize and page so I tend to keep myself busy. I am glad that some new product is on the horizon however. Guess that means I should get busy and finish 2010 Topps series 1!

  14. Totally waning, is that a word. Back in the mid 90's I was collecting up to 8 or 9 different sets.

    This year, 2, and actually down to 1, since there is no more UD. Nothing new is appealing to me, and I loathe the thought of more sets with SP's to chase after.

    On the bright side, I've re-started my Ron Guidry and Graig Nettles collections and I've decided to start a Paul O'Neill collection.