May 3, 2010

Of course there are SPs in National Chicle

Did anyone have any doubt there would be shorts prints in 2010 National Chicle this year. Beckett, Freedom Cardboard and Blowout Cards both posted the SPs for National Chicle today. The short printed cards are 276-329, which are three unique subsets: retired stars revisted, vintage veterans and rookie renditions.

If you saw Marie's post from a few days ago on some cards she got from Chicle, you will see two Babe Ruth cards, including No. 276 - the one where he is in a Braves uni and looks like Chipper Jones.

List of short prints:
276 Babe Ruth
277 Rogers Hornsby
278 Pee Wee Reese
279 Lou Gehrig
280 Jimmie Foxx
281 Honus Wagner
282 Roy Campanella
283 Mel Ott
284 Tris Speaker
285 Jackie Robinson
286 George Sisler
287 Ty Cobb
288 Thurman Munson
289 Johnny Mize
290 Walter Johnson
291 Cy Young
292 Christy Mathewson
293 Mickey Mantle
294 Stan Musial
295 Eddie Mathews
296 Ernie Banks
297 Ryne Sandberg
298 Joe Morgan
299 Reggie Jackson
300 Ian Desmond
301 Albert Pujols
302 Ichiro
303 Alex Rodriguez
304 Ryan Howard
305 Lance Berkman
306 Chipper Jones
307 Manny Ramirez
308 Dustin Pedroia
309 Ryan Zimmerman
310 Joe Mauer
311 Buster Posey
312 Tyler Flowers
313 Madison Bumgarner
314 Adam Moore
315 Henry Rodriguez
316 Drew Stubbs
317 Kevin Richardson
318 Reid Gorecki
319 Eric Young Jr.
320 Josh Thole
321 Neil Walker
322 Carlos Carrasco
323 Tobi Stoner
324 Matt Carson
325 Tommy Manzella
326 Michael Dunn
327 Brent Dlugach
328 Michael Brantley
329 Juan Francisco


  1. That just closed the door that was open a tiny crack for collecting the whole set.

    Not going to collect a set with SPs when a better set with SPs (A&G) is two months away.

  2. everyone LOVES A&G, but not this? I'm not saying I am in love with this set by any means, but really the artwork and the quality of this set is by far better than Ginter.

    Ginter is the most boring set design on the planet, and includes inanimate objects as well as rodents.

    If I were going to build a set I wouldn't pick one with as many SP's as any of the current sets seem to always have, but I don't see how this set is not nicer than A&G.

  3. That was not meant to be an attack on night owl, but I feel like many people are going to say something along the same lines so I am just getting my thoughts out there.

  4. I like the set, I'm collecting the set, but I don't understand why every dang retro set out there has to have 50+ short prints. These are 1:4 packs too which sucks. I'll be keeping an eye out for retail because I've already heard that the hobby prices are going through the roof.

  5. $85 per box and $4 a pack around here. Prices are up due to a lull in recent releases. With UD no where to be found, everyone is itching for something new.

  6. The 1:4 ratio with a 50 SP checklist ensures that a set builder would theoretically have to burn through an entire case of perfectly coallated boxes to achieve a full set.

    If building set, wait a month and buy the SPs for less than a buck each.

    Word Verification: "Mustie."

  7. Packs at my hobby shop for the average Joe were $5.50.

    No sign of blasters in my area as of Thursday I think was when I looked.

  8. A&G looks better to me. It looks better to a lot of people.

    I didn't say I didn't like Chicle. It's just iffy in some areas, and it's hard to judge something when I haven't never seen it in hand. But I'm not collecting a full set of something that I have a few reservations over when it includes SPs. A&G has a proven track record, I like it every year, so I'm faithful to it like I would be a brand of car that I like.

    It's hard to argue artwork, people's tastes are different. I don't EVER consider A&G boring. It's a classic look that I like. I also don't mind the non-sports cards because they are well thought-out and sometimes even amusing. I enjoy it. Every year.

  9. night owl- I will agree with it being hard to argue artwork, and some of the cards in the Chicle are questionable as far as their accuracy in representing the player. Some of them are pretty hideous, and others are great.

    I just think the overall design of the card, being colorful and how it's made of all different views of players is a good idea.

    I couldn't find A&G any more boring or over-rated. I know I am in the minority on that one.

  10. Does anyone know the odds per pack for an SP??

    Also, Chicle is 10 times better than A&G. How can you get more boring than a plain white background on every card?? I love the mixture and creativity of backgrounds, with the pop art molina card, the rainbows, and stars on some cards. Chicle pwns A&G

  11. Why is almost every Tommy Manzella card an SP? I keep trying to get him out of packs and never have. That's my answer.