May 9, 2010

Moving up to 18 minutes of fame

Before the drama was ARod (we wrote about it), Dallas Braden wasn't a household name among baseball fans. He became well known when he told the Yankees third baseman to stay off his mound. If Braden kept at that pace, he would have probably been forgotten about again. (ebay listing of card pictured)

It will be difficult to forget about him now.

Braden threw a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays today (as a Yankee fan, I thank you). However, the ensuing commentary have been more interesting than the game itself. First, it was Mother's Day and Braden's mother dad from cancer when he was in high school. He was raised by his grandmother after that.

She was at the game today and had plenty to say about her grandson's performance.

"Stick it, ARod," she told reporters after the game, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Twitter.

No we all know where Braden gets it from.

According to Bryan Hoch, the Yankees beat writer for, A.J. Burnett watched the end of the game as when Braden and his grandmother embraced said: "Grandma, I love you, but don't cross my mound."

ARod FINALLY took the high road and responded with: "Good for him. Even better that he beat the Rays."

I think I was more surprised by ARod's non-answer than the rest.

If you are looking for Braden's baseball cards, there is a quite a bit of an assortment of cards, but not overwhelming. He has a 142 trading cards and 42 autos, according to Beckett. For now, his cards are going for a relatively cheap prices, but I suspect if you wait a month or two, they will go even lower.

By the way, in the time I write this to just now (which is about 20 minutes), at least 50 more cards have been listed on eBay.

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  1. A perfect game? Woo hoo! Now may be the right time to unload all those Len Barker and Tom Browning rookies I've been hoarding for almost thirty years!

    Tee hee hee heh heh hee hoo heh heh!

  2. It's interesting to note that this perfect game happened on Mother's Day, and actual Congress senator Jim Bunning pitched his on Father's Day.

  3. As opposed to the fake Congress senator Jim Bunning?