May 22, 2010

Maybe I could finally get the kids involved

One of the new things with Topps Series 2 will be "Make Your Own Sketch Cards," according to a recent post by Beckett.

I'm not a great drawer. I'm not terrible either and have dabbled in it before. However, I don't think I will be taking my time out to create a sketch card for Topps. That's not to say I think this is a bad idea.

I do wonder though how well Topps wants the cards to look. I would love to have my nieces and nephew, who have no interest in sports, but love to color, to draw on these cards and send them in. To me, that seems exciting to them to create a card and get it in the set. Will it be good? Probably not. And for the 4-year-old, I am not sure she would even draw a baseball player.

I think there are some collectors out there who are artistic. We have seen that from custom creations to sketch cards.

I think the next step from this for Topps would be "Create Your Own Set." Imagine some of the talented collectors out there creating their own base design and two to three subsets. Then, getting to see their imagination come to fruition. In this scenario, I don't getting the set would be good enough. Because they had the idea, a monetary prize should be award too.

What kind of interactive contest would you like to see from the card companies and is anyone planning on creating any sketch cards?

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  1. I've tried out for sketch cards before (with Breygent), and likely I'll do some of these (and maybe just keep them, rather than send them in). There may also be a huge secondary market for the blanks. I can see sketch card collectors like myself commissioning artists to draw something specific for them on a card blank.

  2. That might be right up Kim's alley. She's already drawn pictures of Mattingly, Jeter and A-Rod. I think she would have a good shot of winning something if she entered a drawing. I'm now really interesting in Series 2.

  3. I actually did one of ARod. I know I still have it somewhere.

    Maybe I will share ... and maybe I don't want you all to laugh at me.

  4. Well, FWIW, I wouldn't be laughing. I can't draw for jack. I couldn't even draw a baseball with stitches if I were asked... I'd love to see the Jeter! And, I have a Kimaloo custom of Thome :-)

  5. LOL, after I submitted my comment, the next Word Verification: susica!

  6. This is pretty much the only reason the set interests me at all. I do like the good Wombat's idea and unless the prize is REALLY good, just doing cards & trying to sell them on ebay or wherever might even be more profitable than sending them in. I guess we'll see what they've officially got in mind for the prize though. Should be fun regardless.

    Also, considering some of the sketch cards topps allowed in the LotR and Indiana Jones sets (and to a much lesser but still noticeably higher than any other company's frequency in Heroes & Star Wars), a 4 year old's work might be a slight improvement in some cases.

    Man I hope that last part doesn't come back to bite me in the ass someday, but yeah, true is true.