May 8, 2010

I accidentally went to the card shop.

After I left the gym yesterday my car steered itself to the card shop. I tried to control it, but it's too powerful to fight. I also figured since I am confining myself to my books for a final I have on Tuesday I figured that this would be a little, "hey, you're doing good" kind of fun for me.

I walked into the shop, Dave was working and we were talking about Chicle and the packs I had picked up the week before. He proceeded to go under the counter and pull out the box they had opened for me last week, which they saved.... for me. I didn't ask for that, but go figure my cardboard problem is very obvious. That really made my day that they saved the box for me, it's like getting to open a hobby box but on a slow layaway plan for degenerate card buyers.

Anyway, I continued with my method of opening from the bottom of the box. First pack was a box hit, autograph... Only when I looked at it, I was like this isn't Trevor Crowe's auto.

Yeah, it doesn't look like his autograph because it isn't. I pulled an artist proof autograph 03/10 which was really cool just for the fact that the odds of pulling a card like this are 1:120 packs. I'm not sure what I think about these cards as counting toward the box auto's, even if it were a Pujols card I would probably like it just because it would be a card I would never buy. I have no interest in keeping this card, and would be happy to trade it or throw it on eBay. Beating the odds on a hit is fun, but if you don't care for the insert it really doesn't make a difference after a day.

I opened a couple more packs, got 2 bazooka backs and 2 short prints .

Tyler Flowers SP (ala Frank Thomas) and Josh Thole SP

I also got the ugliest card in the set. It also may be the dumbest and most annoying, all are debatable. I would love to know what the artist was smoking when he penned this one. (Note: I would hate this card no matter who was on it in this pose.)

Now, this is one of my favorite Yankees cards. It may also be one of the nicest drawn/painted ones in the set that I have seen in person. The one thing I thought was out of place was the peach fuzz under his lip. Actually, the jersey, the number 4 on the front, the what appears to be Phiten necklace, annnndddd what appears to be a new stadium patch on the sleeve..... all odd. Maybe the artist was drawing a picture of what he would look like as a current Yankee....

That's all for now. I have a final on Tuesday that I should be studying for and not playing online (even though I am). I also have a bunch of other stuff to post, even if I will end up bipped because of it, but I like showing cool cards that people send me because they are the nicest bloggers.


  1. Is it just me or does Gehrig sorta look like Joe Giradi? And though the Wakefield actually looks pretty technically excellent, I don't like the pose. Creepy wink is creepy.

  2. Wow, those artist proof autographs have to be the dumbest thing I've seen. I mean, I understand if it were Dick Perez or something... Eesh.

  3. I actually pulled a Jeter cabinet card (type of thing) from Turkey Red that was signed by Dick Perez /25. It was cool because it was Jeter.

  4. So that's an Artist's Proof... neat. The Lou Gehrig card is also a short print if I'm not mistaken.

  5. That Wakefield is soo stupid. Who draws someone licking a ball while winking?

  6. That Trevor Crowe card is a ripoff. I would much rather have Crowe's auto. It's a little weird that an artist signs on someone else's image. I'm buying the pack for the players not the artists.

  7. Is that Wakefield giving himself a knuckle sandwich?

    He looks like he jammed the ball into his face like he's a six-month-old who's still at that stage of sticking everything in his mouth.