May 21, 2010

A few recent Kouz pickups

Picked up some new additions to the Kevin Kouzmanoff collection. I'm pretty pleased with these cards, if I do say so.

We'll go in order of the cards numbered, highest to lowest.

Up first is a card from the 2007 Exquisite set. An auto, game-used combo numbered to /99. I had the one numbered to /199, so these guys will enjoy each other's company.

Up next is an oldie but a goodie. I happened to enjoy 2007 Moments and Milestones. I even cashed in on the Dice K with his rookie card, which bought a few hobby boxes for me. Here, is Kouzmanoff's auto card /40 (OMG! It's a 1/1 because it's 40/40).

Strange thing about this set is that Kouz has three base cards, but I only have two of them. The regular auto is easier to find than any of his base cards.

And, finally, we have a 2007 Bowman Draft yellow printing plate. Of course, 1/1. I have a few of his 1/1 cards. I don't actively seek them, but I will bid on them if I happen to see them on eBay.

Welcome to the family, guys.

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