May 8, 2010

Do you buy or sell now?

Starlin Castro made an impressive debut on Friday night. The 20-year-old showed up in a Chicago Cubs uniform and blasted a home run and six RBIs.

There aren't many cards of Castro on the market. He has prospect cards from last year's 2009 Bowman set. He has a few cards in 2010 Pro Debut.

So which of the cards are collectors trying to snatch up now that he burst onto MLB with his thrilling debut?

Pretty much any type of refractor from 2009 Bowman will do. (Note: There are no Castro autos in 2009 Bowman. NONE.)

There is this xfractor that ends soon. Last I checked, it was already up to $90 with 13 hours left.

But there are no autographs of his just yet ... yet. Will he have one in 2010 Bowman? An early checklist says there will be a card, but not an autograph, but there it looks like there will be a triple relic card of his in the set.

2010 Bowman comes out next week. What cards do you think are going to be the hottest and who has any Castro cards to sell on eBay?

Don't forget out contest where every comment you leave on the blog is an entry to win a 2010 National Chicle Johnny Mize cabinet card.

Update: There will be an autograph in 2010 Bowman that is released next week, Chris Olds from Beckett said on his blog.


  1. If you look at the bid history on that auction you can practically see the bids go up with each run he knocked in last night. Not bad for a card with a starting bid of 99 cents. Timing is everything.

    Then there's the guy who posted another one of those cards before the game had even finished with a BIN price of $160. I hope nobody bites on that one.

  2. Where's the "keep in your collection" option?

  3. I'd sell and buy more overpriced J-Hey cards. THE ONLY PLAYER ON THE ENTIRE TEAM THAT CAN GET A HIT EVER AND HE'S HURT AARGH.

  4. Sell. Many of these players who start off well don't end well, and end up being nobodies playing softball for the local fire department. :P I say players should have a 2 or 3 year body of work before they are deemed worthy of being called a great player.

  5. Sell. Even if Castro lives up to his hype, I've heard him billed as a Tony Fernandez type guy. Heckuva player if that's the case, but Tony Fernandez rookies aren't going for $90, at least that I know of. His bowman rookies aren't going to be worth much more than they are now!

  6. Unless it is a card near and dear to your heart...strike while the iron is hot!!

  7. 90 bucks after he had one great game. Chances are, he won't turn into anything.I would sell.

  8. This Cubs fan has to sell too sadly. Even if he becomes a great player, this ridonkulous level of value won't hold unless he goes off in a sustained, imagination capturing way ala Pujols and/or Ryan Howard, though playing for the Cubs might give him a better shot at it even if he might not put up those numbers than if he played for almost any other team (see Ramirez, Hanley).

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  9. I wish I some to sell. I love taking money from prospectors, even if they get the better end of the "deal" sometimes.