May 25, 2010

Cards that made our day

Yesterday I went to check my mailbox and mail some stuff out when I found a package from Todd Uncommon. It was a heavy, dense package that felt like it was going to be lots of fun when I finally got it home to open it. It was glorious.

I guess some of you want to see what was in there, then there are some of you who will stop reading for fear of bipping my association. I assure you, they can not track who reads our mail posts. Besides, I cleverly disguised the title so that even the bippers clicked. *eeeeevil laugh*

Todd Uncommon RULES, not O'Doyle.

Here are the awesome cards we were generously given (I will assume by now that you know who got which cards.):
Robinson Cano 2005 eTopps

Derek Jeter 2005 eTopps

Yankees 2005 eTopps

Robinson Cano 2006 eTopps

Albert Pujols 2006 eTopps

Derek Jeter 2006 eTopps

Albert Pujols 2004 eTopps

Derek Jeter 2004 eTopps

Adam Lind 2007 eTopps

Derek Jeter 2000 Fleer Long Gone insert

Derek Jeter 2001 Fleer Series MVP (Jeter needs a new one of these cards.)

This was a really fun package for me because I have had my eye on picking up the Lind RC for a while, and the Pujols cards I have only won 1 over the years from eTopps. I LOVE THEM ALL. I know Sooz thought the cards were awesome, and we both really appreciate the gesture and generosity from Todd.

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