May 19, 2010

Blaster of Chicle

I know that everyone has seen all these cards already, so I only scanned a couple for the purpose of the blog. When I was down at Sooz's house we had to visit Target because that is part of the job description here at A Cardboard Problem. We discovered the blasters and purchased one each.

I am more than happy with what was in mine, but I am annoyed that 3 of the cards which are short prints, are crunched in the lower right corner. If you click and enlarge the scans you can see it pretty clearly. Obviously you can see why I am mad that the card was destroyed looking.

Couple of variation cards (Zambrano, Mantle, and Reynolds):

Not bad for a blaster... however, I'm not done. There was one more hit in the blaster, an umbrella back Michael Saunders.

I like picking up a little retail here and there to see what I end up with against hobby packs. Most of the time you get better stuff in the hobby packs, but once in a while a blaster will surprise you with something cool.

1 comment:

  1. Roy Campanella as a L.A. Dodger, Pujols as a St. Louis Brown, and Carlos Carassco as Dennis Eckersley are all just laughable. No wonder everyone buying Bowman!