May 1, 2010

2010 Topps National Chicle

I took a trip to my favorite card shop today to see what 2010 Topps National Chicle was all about. Upon my arrival I was presented with a pile of singles to flip through, of which I snagged a great many of players I enjoy watching and collecting. I got a Pujols, Posada, Jeter, Kouz (for Sooz), Braun, Gordon, and some other Yankees.

When I first saw the preview for the set online I swore them off and was very turned off by the design. However, in person they are pretty cool looking, in an Allen & Ginter meets Goudey kind of way. The checklist that comes in the box shows you all the artists that have contributed to the set which honestly makes me like it if for no other reason than the fact that Topps actually thought this set out. The other thing that is cool about it are the variations despite the fact that for the set builder could make it tricky (Run DMC music here). For the player collector like myself, I find the variations fun at first but then when I can't find them or can't afford them I end up hating them.

I scanned some of the cards I left with in my haul, along with the Cabinet card that I was given for funsies.

Albert Pujols

Kevin Kouzmanoff

Joe Saunders

Jorge Posada

Babe Ruth

Robinson Cano
Derek Jeter

James Loney Bazooka Back Short Print

Buster Posey SP (National Chicle back)

Cabinet Card Johnny Mize

I like the Short Prints in the set, and I am definitely interested in hunting down the Cano and Lind ones but the Pujols SPs may fall into the impossible category. We'll see.

Overall, I think that with the different artists doing the cards and signing the ones they did so you know was a great idea and it's a nice looking set..... but.... I feel like this is Topps version of Goudey in a sense. While a nice change from the same old sets we see every year, it is kind of the same old set in a sense.

P.S. The bazooka one is the coolest.


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  2. I like the first Babe Ruth, the second one looks like Chipper Jones. Also that Johnny Mize Cabinet card is pretty cool. Keeping the card desaturated gives it a classic old-time look. The only color used was for shading and this worked well.

  3. I agree, the cabinet card is really nice.I'll keep an eye out for Puhols!

  4. While I really like this set & will try to complete it, the art work for Posada, Reese and Jeter is really second-rate. Glad to trade for SP, Bazooka and National Chicle backs. Lots to trade at standard B V.