April 20, 2010

Topps blog: State of the Hobby Roundtable

With Topps' new found love of social media, they are really reaching out to its customers and getting feedback. Topps has been very active on Twitter and for those who have not used the site, should really consider starting.

Topps is doing a daily giveaway where you can win an auto, game-used or otherwise special card.

Today's giveaway is a Joe Mauer on-card autograph. A 2002 Bowman Heritage autograph, which goes for a decent price on eBay.

Mike Mader, the social media guy at Topps, reached out to collectors on Twitter and asked if they would like to be part of a roundtable, which many jumped at including myself (Sooz).

Here is Part 1 of the roundtable. Parts 2 and 3 will be up later and I will post to them as well.

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