April 30, 2010

He's the next big star, don't ya know?

Robinson Cano has been on a year this year. He's hitting .390 with six homers and 15 RBIs (but RBIs don't mean anything any more, right?). That's not the only place Cano is showing signs of life.

His cards are moving on the market on well and that makes Marie a very unhappy girl. She has snatched up plenty of his cards over the year. Cano is one of the players she seeks, but now it looks like there are so many others who want to grab up the Yankees second baseman.

I purchased a Cano on-card autograph over two Christmases ago. I bought this card for Marie, but turned out she already had it. I purchased this 2005 Topps Total autograph for less than $8 at the time.

Now, completed listings for this card average close to $20. I'm going to watch this card to see where it is going to go during the year. Cano could become this season's star in the baseball card world, and the pinstripes don't hurt his status either.

Here are some other Cano cards that are shooting up hot lists.

1. 2003 Bowman Heritage RC auto
2. 2003 Bowman Originals auto /79 RC
3. 2003 Bowman Chrome RC
4. 2003 Topps Pristine refractors
5. 2010 World Champion autograph


  1. Cano had an amazing game against the Orioles last night. It's hard to hit two homers and have a play in the field be more memorable, but Cano managed to do it.

    I couldn't believe that throw. He was basically completely running into left field and somehow managed to throw the opposite direction to first base for the out.

    That play pretty much summed up Cano's rise and the Orioles' season.

    Cano was always very good but now it's like he is playing above the major league level.

    It's frightening.

  2. Cano has always been a favorite of mine, to both collect and to watch. Not that I have anything valuable of his, just a handful of relics and some base RCs...

    He sure is fun to watch, though!

  3. This is exciting for me on many levels I guess you could say. He's on my favorite team, he is one of my favorite players, and I collect his cards which make this exciting. It's also kind of disheartening in the collecting sense because there are a few cards floating out there that I still need (auto cards) that will probably be beyond what I can spend for a while.

    That being said, it helps my wallet and my team so overall it's a win.

    Joe Morgan did say he is the greatest second basemen in the game, and we all know how much I love him and his opinions....

  4. Should have gotten that card when I had the chance. At a card show in 2006, I saw an auto card for 2 bucks. Ughhh