April 13, 2010

Another day, another eBay idiot

I was looking around on eBay (shocking) and decided to see if there were anymore of those Montero auto cards that we showed from tntnorthnj a while back.

I never even got to look because I saw Jesus Montero Pro Debut and started laughing, and then the tears were streaming down because I was laughing so hard and now I can barely see to type this. (Of course, that is a minor exaggeration.)

Pity this fool, and look at what he has and what is he asking.

Oh man, I am so glad I collect someone cheap.

EDIT: Since I had to edit the broken link, the price has dropped by $1,001.05


  1. Was looking to laugh with you, but looks like the links aren't working.

  2. Gah! Broken links! Now I'm the fool...

  3. Wow. People like this are just ridiculous. He, or she, is nuts.

    On a side note, I met Jesus Montero this weekend. He signed a couple of cards for me and a baseball and two jerseys for my fiancee. He doesn't seem like a bad guy but he also doesn't seem too fan friendly as he had a sheriff with him to protect him.