March 16, 2010

What's wrong with this picture? - More fun with photoshop

I get that Photoshopping is kind of difficult. I'm not particularly good at it.

BUT when you're job is to photoshop things, you probably should get a couple of things right AND be a baseball fans especially if you're photoshopping baseball cards.

Just saying.

Here's a hint.

P.S. - Even though I look terrible in this picture, that's me with the glasses on in the corner. I wasn't  on the schedule to work that day, so I'm rather dressed downfor the occasion.

Look for these error cardson eBay.

A link to the Cliff Lee post on photoshop errors.


  1. I was pretty good at math,but some people just don't get numbers! And what do mean you "look terrible" ?? Luuuking Guuud!!

  2. That Halladay card is rough. Kind of remarkable how poorly conceived it is. I mean wearing S. Carleton's number 32!?

    Also, it's entirely possible that you have The Best job.

  3. Nah Colt, if she had the best job, she would be a photographer.

    Photoshop was made to make doing that sort of thing easy. If it is your JOB to do mutilate photographs, then you had better do a better job than that.

  4. I posted on that card as well. It doesn't bother me that much as it's been going on for decades.

    By the way, the best job in the world is professional golfer.

  5. according to one of the auction site auctions, it's also an "error" that the (R) from the Jays logo is still on his leg in the Phillies version.

    Too bad ebay won't pull those "error" listings for stupidity of the listers - as my dad would say, stupidity isn't against the law. The Halladay cards are not really an error (well, maybe uncorrected error, technically) and they definitely aren't "rare" unless you didn't buy any Opening Day to get those cards.

  6. Thing is, MOST people buying Opening Day won't care or even notice. I kinda like bizarre photoshop cards, they're sort of a staple of the hobby. I know Topps isn't doing this intentionally (I don't think), but back in the 80s the shopped cards were atrocious!