March 20, 2010

What is your favorite part of Spring Training?

You can see by the sporadic blog posts the last few days that I have been buried in books, and enjoying the weather and Sooz has been busy as well. Nice weather starting up makes me think of one thing: baseball. When you walk outside and you smell grass and not rock salt, a cool 70 or so degrees outside, open the sunroof and windows and head to... oh wait, it's only March.

I try my best to watch the spring training games when I am near a tv, or at the gym on the cardio machines but it's hard for me to stay interested when I know the games mean nothing. What keeps me paying attention to the news, scores, and sometimes the game is seeing the starting pitching. More so the back end of the rotation for the Yankees since there is a competition for the 5th starter spot. I was pretty sure that Mitre or Gaudin had no chance, and well if they did.... I would question many things.

Personally I want Phil Hughes to become the 5th starter and think he should be working towards that this spring. Despite him doing such a great job as a set up man, he is what the Yankees need if you ask me- homegrown talent. I would really like to see a young kid who has been in the farm system grow as a player and come up with the team the way guys like Andy and Mo did. I know I was mad that they put Joba in the bullpen, but his performances were a little scary as a starter at times. I feel like Joba has the mentality of a closer, and for a guy with such a great fastball he may be better suited to be the heir to the throne so to speak.

As far as cards go these days, I haven't picked much up since the Heritage but have been sent tons of cards in the mail from many people who I have been meaning to thank. All the cards are in a stack waiting to be logged in when I have time to put into that. I still need a couple of Heritage of Pujols, and a Lind black refractor to finish that off. Otherwise I don't think I am pursuing building that set.

I am also going to post a for trade type of blog post sometime this week with some cards I want to trade for stuff. I would rather cards be where they are appreciated than just piled on my desk.

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  1. Up through the first couple of days of games, I'm just happy to have baseball back.

    After that, I enjoy following the stories of the minor league kids who are trying to impress or the veterans who are hoping to get one more shot.