March 4, 2010

Support your (or my) local hobby shop

As you all know there seem to be less and less hobby shops around, and well if we don't support them that is what happens. Now I know we all get great deals from the guys over at Blowout and such, but the Mike and Dave at The Baseball Card Store take equally good care of me, and their other customers.

Since they look out for cards for me, give me free gum*, and hook me up with good prices I thought I would put their name out there this way if you are within driving distance you take a trip over and check out their store. Plenty of supplies, singles, boxes, packs, etc. to make you spend the day in there. I was there today for an hour or so and on my way there I thought about writing this post. Nothing beats hopping in the car and taking a ride to just hang out and open a few packs and BS.

I know not everyone lives in the northern New Jersey area, and that's cool but I hope the fact that Topps is eating competitors alive sparks people to look out for the shops and make sure the wholesalers and internet places don't eat them all up. I like having somewhere to go and play.

If you are in the area, or even want to call and see if they can help you complete a set or find a card here is their information:

The Baseball Card Store
45 Prospect Street
Midland Park, NJ 07432
(201) 445-9007

They are open until 6 TWFS, and until 8 MThurs, closed Sundays. Just tell them the crazy addict sent you.


  1. I've been seriously considering opening a store. I live in an area that has 5 colleges withing a 15-20 mile radius, three of which are in this small city. There is a comic shop that has survived 30 years here. Never has there been a card shop. It seems like a winner. That said, I think owning/operating a card shop might ruin my love of collecting, haha.

  2. Ask any card shop owner what they think of Blowout and you'll quickly change your mind about them. From what I've heard, Blowout makes backdoor deals with card companies (especially with UD) where they buy large amounts of product at hefty discounts. These deals are never offered to local card shops.

    This is one reason why local shops have trouble staying afloat as they can't stay competitive. Ever wonder how Blowout has palettes of product at large shows like the national priced exteremly low?

  3. sruchris, I understand what you are saying and clearly the warehouses have to be doing something to offer the prices they do. I agree that the savings should be passed down to the hobby shops, but this like most other industries can be cut throat.

  4. I've been going to Mike and Dave's Baseball Card Store for over 15 years. Regardless of the distance to get there, it is the only place I go to buy my cards. I can leave a list behind and they will try to fill it. More importantly, when I go there I can stay and have a nice conversation about the hobby, something you can't do on ebay or over the internet. Thanks for giving them some props, its always worth the trip.

  5. Sounds good, but the only time i'm up that way is on Tuesdays to hit the PAL Parsippany show; is it nearby ?

    Also, when in central Jersey, try The Hobby Shop in Aberdeen and see Bob behind the counter, gem of man loaded with hobby knowledge, and also a good conversationalist.