March 7, 2010

Sunday Question

What does spring training mean to you?

When Spring Training rolls around most baseball fans get genuinely exciting. I do too, but mt excitement only last for about 24 hours. Then, I'm more of a the "I hope no one gets hurt" mentality the rest of the way.

I don't' pay too much attention until I have to because there are so many other things going on such as college hoops. How closely do you pay attention to spring training?


  1. I generally watch the weekend games if I'm not doing something else, and I'll sometimes record the weekday games (or keep an ear on them via Gameday Audio if I have a chance.)

    There's usually enough spring storylines to keep me entertained. (It also helps that I have zero interest in any kind of basketball.)

  2. I love Spring Training. I love to hear the crack of the bat as it meets the ball, like a construction worker hammering away at Winter. I got to see the Yankees play the Astros and Braves last year and I loved every second of those games. I love seeing the no name guys and old vets who are trying for a job. I don't care about the score, and neither do the teams and it reminds me of baseball games when I was a kid. Baseball for what it is, a game. How else are we going to see Yogi Berra walk around a baseball diamond in a crisp uniform, aside from Old-Timer's Day? It is baseball at its purest.

  3. I enjoy seeing the prospects play. There are so many guys that you hear so much hype about it is kind of cool to get to see them actually compete.

  4. When Spring Training starts it means the home stretch for the NHL regular season and that the Stanley Cup Playoffs will be starting soon!! I am so glad my passion for hockey mirrors baseball as it keeps me from going stir crazy like Marie ;). Most importantly, it means the coming arrival of spring and the promise of warmer weather, sunshine, bbq, and cold beer.

  5. I love that Spring Training is here because of what it means.

    I like having the games on in the background but I generally don't sit and watch Spring Training games.

    I'm definitely paying a lot more attention to Spring Training buzz though. MLB Network has so much time to analyze everything that it makes things interesting. It's not glossy quick bits like on most channels.