March 24, 2010

Slim pickins, so far

With there being so little product in 2010, I've noticed that for player collectors there aren't too many cards out there. It's good in a way because for someone like me, I am going to save more money. As noted back when the Topps, MLB and UD lawsuits and shenanigans were going on, the money I spent on Upper Deck isn't magically going to be spent on Topps. I am just going to spend more money.

But, I do love the chase. I like looking at new cars even I don't always buy them.

It's like when I went to the Ferrari dealership at the Wynn in Vegas. I wasn't buying a Ferrari. I will probably never be able to afford a Ferrari (although, I did play Power Ball last night), but I still wanted to look. I am able to appreciate the beauty of that car.

Just like I can appreciate the beauty of a Derek Jeter autograph numbered 2/2 because he wears the number 2. I can't afford that card and I will hate the person who buys it on eBay for eternity, but I still like to look.

This came up because I did a search for 2010 Kouzmanoff on eBay. The results were staggering.

I got back four auctions. FOUR. There were more cards in stores, but just four auctions and all for his Upper Deck jersey, which I paid all of .99 cents for earlier this year. This lends me time to focus on some of Kouzmanoff's earlier cards that I do not own and I bought a nice little beauty just the other day.

But, my eye candy is gone.

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  1. Oh, man. I stayed at the Wynn for four nights a couple of years ago (before they started construction of Encore). That place was TIGHT, yo.