March 11, 2010

The real end of an era

After leaving the old (original) Yankee Stadium up for all of last season for it's "wake" they have been taking it apart one piece at a time it seems since the playoffs. I had posted some pictures way back of what it was looking like on the inside during the playoffs and it was really just a shell at that point with most of the seats being removed for profit by good old Steiner Sports.

While I am aware most of you don't care about the Yankees, you really can't deny all of the history that is being demolished here. I despise the Red Sox with pretty much every fiber of my being, however I will be sad when they blow up Fenway Park. While I was only there once (so far), I loved it despite the morons (not all people, just some) inside of it. Maybe some of you had never been to the old Stadium, and maybe some of you have never been to some of the original parks that are still left, but there is an indescribable feeling in them. Maybe that sounds crazy but if you have walked into an old stadium as opposed to one built in the last 10 or so years, you get it.

I think they left the old Stadium up for way too long, it was so sad to look at all season, it was dark, people had tried chipping pieces of it off (yes, I'm serious), and in the shadows of the new stadium it looked pitiful and not what it had always looked like. As much as I loved it, it would have been better to rip the band-aid off quickly so to speak and bring it down sooner. Steiner Sports had to make sure they got every little thing they could make a dollar off out of there first, so the poor building just sat there.

Watching that piece of it come crumbling down was depressing in a sense because of all the things I saw there, and all the memories. But I have to say, last season was one I will never, ever forget for so many reasons. The new Stadium delivered pretty much everything Jeter had promised when he said that they were going to take all the old memories and build new ones.


  1. As a major baseball history buff,I totally understand.I always wanted to go there,I want to go to Fenway and I want to go see the ivy walls in Chicago.I may never see any of them.I don't really "hate" any team.Every franchise has some fans who are B-heads but they're not all bad.I just wish I could have lived in the times when all of America loved the game,for the game.

  2. Very sad to see that video. I've been to Fenway & Dodger Stadium & I totally get what you mean. You just can't beat the feeling of those old Parks. I imagine fans in Detroit who had to watch old Tiger Stadium languish in disrepair had similar feelings, watching the decay.

    So many times I've driven by old Yankee Stadium & it's sort of depressing that I never actually got to see a game there.

  3. It was the last place My dad and I went for a game before he passed away. Entering the upper deck from behind home plate will never be forgotten. Chills on a ten yr old drooling for a foul ball. also the biggest thing I had seen to date that wasn't the national mall in DC or the USS intrepid. I wondered "why isn't memorial stadium like this?". I miss my dad alot.

  4. Wrigley is definitely the next place I want to road trip to. My brother went a couple of years ago and said it was awesome, and most people I know have already been there as well.

  5. Nice to have videos on blogs, but I really don't like the automatic playing setting.