March 15, 2010

Ok, how about buying me this one?

So, the Jeter autos were a little too much. 10K for 10 cards.

What if we somehow get me a Kouzmanoff card from 2004 that I don't have eBay auction.

This is a 2004 Bowman Chrome GOLD refractor. I have the base, refractor and Xfractor.

The reason I featured this card is because of the price. As someone who buys Kouzmanoff regularly and look up his cards on eBay, this price is a little out there. I am not willing to spend that kind of money on any card. Not even a Derek Jeter.

I have two Kouzmanoff 1/1 in my collection and didn't pay more than $25 for either.

By the way, that Jeter auction is still out there unsold, if anyone is interested.

1 comment:

  1. I was all set to buy it for you but when I cracked my piggy bank open I found an IOU to myself, along with some jolly rancher wrappers.

    I tried.