March 23, 2010

My vote in the Upper Deck awards

Upper Deck announced a recent award program/contest for best bloggers, best card forum, etc.

Perhaps this goes with my recent waning in collecting (although I did win a couple of cards on eBay recently, but I don't get it. Or may be I do, and I just don't see the point.

Competition is fun, but I never felt like I have been in competition with the other bloggers. I enjoy blogging about cards and posting news because it's what I am interested. I love meeting new bloggers and reading the insight of everyone out there.

The forums are great for these reasons as well because it keeps the conversation going. You get to interact with other people from across the county - even world - and talk about baseball cards.

I love it.

When I read about something going on in the hobby and I look at my boyfriend and say, "Hey, Upper Deck can't make baseball cards anymore." He hears: "Hey, do you want me to get you something the kitchen?" It's the same thing I hear when he starts talking about cars. So, I get it.

It's great to have this outlet as well as others to talk about baseball cards.

So, I'm not voting in Upper Deck's awards or nominating any blogs. I pretty much have a blog lists in my Google reader and read everyone's blog as it is as a daily basis. At least try to when work isn't weighing me down. I appreciate every blog out there and love the originality they all have to offer.

I'm like a mom, I love them all the same.


  1. I basically said the same thing to UD, but then nominated some blogs/forums that don't get much love at all - the small, yet dedicated guys who aren't out there to be the best of anything. Like me, I'm just a blog - I write about what I like and what I'm interested in. I'm not out to be the best card blog and I don't want to be. I'd rather be the worst and have fun doing it. ;)

  2. you are just so sweet!

    here I thought you hated me... but you love me, you really love me!

    I feel like Sally Field.

  3. We're with you on this one. Everyone brings something different to the blogworld.

    Athletes compete, bloggers chillax.