March 12, 2010

More pictures of Yankee Stadium Demolition

Before you ask, I don't know why I can't stop looking around at this stuff. Maybe I am just procrastinating the studying I should be doing, the trades I should be gathering, and the laundry I should be washing. But you need to see what I have rustled up this afternoon.

It really amazes me with what you can find on the internet to buy from the old Yankee Stadium. There are people selling the flags of the teams of Minnesota, Toronto, and Toronto. Perhaps you have no where to hang something like that, and maybe you need a new chair to watch the 2010 season from... Why not watch it from a seat that you used to sit in, an old Yankee Stadium seat. Nevermind the fact that for less money you can sit and watch 41 games live from the bleachers. If you are itching to spend some big time money, here is what I would buy if I didn't already have tickets for Opening Day.

All photos are courtesy of Peter Haskell of WCBS880.

I know this seems kind of gloomy to post more pictures of the greatest place being dismantled, but it's one of those things that I just can't stop looking at. It's very weird seeing complete walls missing from a place that once housed so many games and events.


  1. I think it's sad too. Yankee Stadium was a very important structure not just to baseball but to the history of our country.

    But I am a very nostalgic person who dislikes change.

  2. This pains me to see pictures, and I struggle not to spend every penny I have scooping up things to cherish from our old house.

    I have dirt, working on some grass and a brick or 2, but really the seats is where I think I will go next. I don't know what, but I feel like I need to have this stuff.

    Maybe it is the worry that if I don't get my hands on it then one day when I want it again, they will all be just tossed aside as things that really didn't sell that well.

    This is coming from a grown guy who cried watching the final game, hey we all have some issues right LOL.