March 23, 2010

I'd like to thank Minnesota now for letting the Yankees afford Joe Mauer

Joe Mauer recently signed a contract reportedly worth $184 million through 2018. It's the richest contact in history for a catcher.

Mauer is a great catcher and I loved watching the story about him on the MLB Network after he won the AL MVP last season.

And, now, I'd like to thank Minnesota for paying him so much. Because when the Twins can't afford to pay him anymore, there's only going to be one team who will be able to afford him.

I'm hoping that's going to be 2-3 years away instead of like 4-5, but I am guessing by 2015, Joe Mauer will be a New York Yankee. Anyone want a Mauer rookie card now before they get too expensive in five years?


  1. Makes me wonder if the GM for the Twins called up Cashman and made sure the back end of the contract fit the "Yankees financial needs".

  2. He has a full no trade clause in his contract so it would need to be waived by Mauer in order for that to happen.

  3. we're aware of the no trade clause.

  4. True.

    When he gets to old to play the A's will get him.

    That is right after he spends a season on the D.L in a yankees uniform..

    I don't get your point here?

  5. It was a joke.

    The Twins don't notoriously spend money on players. And, in the past when teams spent a lot of money, in time they ended up with the Yankees because they were one of the few teams that could eat the contract.

    Again, it was a joke. That's why people were laughing.

  6. Sorry, I couldn't entertain you guys today.

    I guess I'll try harder so I can win a crystal lawn ornament.

  7. Well I for one am not laughing!


  8. start working on our photoshopped Mauer GDG card



  9. Actually, considering that it wasn't all that long ago that Selig was talking about contracting the Twins, I would be fairly surprised if Mauer stuck around for the entire contract.

  10. Yankees Fans = Current and/or future Republicans.

  11. To Madding:

    That was back when the Twins' value was the second-lowest in the MLB. Now their payroll is higher than the Dodgers, and their revenue stream is expected to match that payroll plus about 10% in annual tickets sales and merchandise. Mauer is going to end up making a good chunk of that money himself--people are going to buy tickets to see him, people are going to lay down chunks of green to wear Mauer t-shirts, etc. Back when the Twins were on the brink of contraction, they had no one on the team like Mauer. Not only do the Twins have Mauer locked up for a few years, but they also have another franchise threat in Morneau. As long as the Twins can keep scrapping out AL Central titles like they did for the majority of the last decade, I'm sure Mauer will be able to afford to stay put.

  12. Easy there BEARDY....

    Some of us Republicans make take offense to that statement.