March 6, 2010

Fantasy Baseball Managers

Here are the people who responded to the invites and are locked. One person dropped due do other obligations, so either we stick with 10 or we need one more. I have an 11th man to join, but if someone from the waiting list is still interested I need to know now.

1. The Franchise
2. A Cardboard Solution
4. Victorious Secret
5. The Dude
6. Purple Donkey
7. Cards on Cards
8. Mr. Scott's F-Ups
9. Bobby's Cox

Also, I want everyone at some point to look at the scoring and post what you would like different as a comment here. I want to see where everyone is at and make sure we all agree most importantly on roster sizes, positions, and the majority of the scoring categories. The reason I ask you all to post here is because everyone needs to see what your ideas are, not just you and I.

Finally, the draft is scheduled for next Sunday and that being said I need some money from everyone. $20 (marked as a gift so there are no fees) to CardBandits AT gmail DOT com. Thanks guys.

For those of you that were not around yesterday, check out the posts from yesterday there were some interesting news bits we posted from the morning on. Also check out Pete's second box break of Heritage, he's trying to complete the set so help him out.


  1. Don't remember if I was on the wait list, but I would like to play or join the wait list.

    Chuck aka popstartled or hamrammobtown (

  2. I'm one of those who hasn't paid yet. I'll have my payment in by next weekend. Sorry about the delay.

  3. Just sent payment this morning. Thanks!

  4. Sent my payment yesterday. Let me know if you have any problems receiving it.

    I like the setup of the league so far. I imagine that others may have other preferences, so here are my comments:

    - I would be in favor of divisions. I think it's more fun that way, but I'm also willing to accept the big stack with the top 6 or 8 going to the playoffs.

    - What prompted the addition of the Corner Infielder (CI) and Middle Infielder (MI) as playing positions? I don't think I'm a fan of that. It robs some value from multiple-position guys (DeRosa, Theriot, etc.).

    It also will be tough to keep active slots reasonably filled on days with few games. I think that gives the schedule a little too much random power over outcomes.

    I would be in favor of just eliminating the CI and MI, and keeping the rest of the roster the way it is. That being said, if the positions stay, I still will be happy to play this year.

    Thank you for setting it up, and looking forward to the season!