March 1, 2010

eTopps Release 3/1-3/8

This weeks eTopps 206 Tribute cards are Tom Seaver, Eddie Murray, and Ichiro.

eTopps is also offering discounting shipping until the end of the week if you have some cards in the vault that you haven't had a chance to ship yet.

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  1. I collect a lot of different players but generally I'm content with whatever cards of these players I get in packs or boxes I buy. I don't worry about trying to collect every card of a player. There are so many different cards for each player (especially a player l1ke Pujols) that making a list of every card of that player would be exhausting. I maintain a FileMaker database of my own devising to track all my cards. I did a post on that maybe 6 months ago. An Excel spreadsheet to track cards of an individual player should work pretty well. Like you said, for a player like Pujols, it would be easier to track what you have.