March 8, 2010

eTopps 2010 206 Tribute Release 3/8-3/15

This weeks eTopps cards being offered are: Derek Jeter, Rogers Hornsby, and Al Kaline.

They are usually available around 1pm EST, I believe.

Anyone pick up any of these so far?


  1. Not yet. I'll pick up the Tribers after the price falls down to reality, usually during football season.

  2. I've picked up one of each T-206 Tribute card offered by eBay so far. I did put in an order this morning (for me on the West Coast) not long after the IPO started.

    However, all of them are still in my eTopps "portfolio", and I have not as of yet taken any T-206 Tributes in-hand, or even checked if they're available yet.

    I do collect eTopps cards in general, and I should find out next Monday how many of the Jeters I ordered this week I will get. I'd be happy with one, since they've been popular.

  3. Got 2. Also got 2 pujols.