March 20, 2010

eBay likes to torture me

I posted about this exact same card earlier in the week I believe, it was serial numbered 16/25 and I hadn't seen one in a long time.... and now... 2 in one week.

I also recall someone saying they totally wanted to buy me one. So if you all want to pull together on this one that's cool, too.

I have the regular, refractor, and white refractor I just need this last card.

It's odd how this one guy has 2 of the same card and lists them both now. I mean I know plenty of people who buy more than one of some cards, and I don't get it but I do. I should have bought more Lind cards way back when they were like $3 for a quad jersey/auto /25, but I didn't see any point in having many if he turned out to be a crap player.


  1. Yes that would be me. I made that statement/promise and I will still honor it. However I lost out on the first one. Currently right now we have the high bid on this one.

  2. I'm also trying to finish out the co-signers set which has been a pain!

  3. I think I still need 1 or 2 Co-signers and they are the higher serial numbered ones, but now people want like $40 for them and they are on crack.

  4. Did you see this one:

    I kind of just laughed my ass off at him! Getting to be a little bit ridiculous. And we just lost the high bid on the Adam Lind auto at $36.00. Now I'm pissed.