March 4, 2010

2010 Heritage Short Prints & Variations

Dave from the hobby shop sent me over an e-mail with a list of all the short prints and variations that he got directly from Topps. So for those of you who haven't seen this checklist yet, here it is.

2010 Topps Heritage MLB / Short Prints, Variations and the Quirks

The Quirks Of 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball
Collectors of 2010 Topps Heritage Baseball are noticing some interesting short printed variations throughout the product. Topps is confirming the following:
1961 HR Chase Insert
2010 Topps Heritage commemorates the 1961 Topps design, so Topps saw it fitting to celebrate the famous 1961 HR chase with a special 45-card insert.
Babe Ruth (15 cards) Hobby Exclusive
Roger Maris (15 cards) Wal-Mart Exclusive
Mickey Mantle (15 cards) Target Exclusive
Each of these inserts also has a Relic Parallel that's sequentially numbered to the player's jersey number .Ruth (#'d to 3), Maris (#'d to 9) and Mantle (#'d to 7). In addition, there are short printed variations in the base set featuring Ruth (#60), Maris (#61) and Mantle (#56).

In 1961, Topps issued an obscure 18-card dice game as a test. The following players in 2010 Heritage have short printed variations with dice game backs: Joe Mauer, Victor Martinez, Albert Pujols, Mark Teixeira, Grady Sizemore, Justin Upton, Adam Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Matt Kemp, Ichiro, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Tim Lincecum, Chase Utley, Ian Kinsler, Derek Jeter, Hanley Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez and Chipper Jones.

Color Variations
There are 10 extremely short printed color variations. The color changes appear on the player and team name plates at the bottom of the card.
Albert Pujols, Black-Black
Joe Mauer, Black-Black
C.C. Sabathia, Green-Yellow
Derek Jeter, Red-Yellow
Grady Sizemore, Green-Red
J.A. Happ, Orange-Blue
Zack Greinke, Yellow-Blue
Ryan Braun, Blue-Orange
David Wright, Green-Yellow
Pablo Sandoval, Yellow-Green

Juan Marichal Autographs
All of Juan Marichal's Real One autographs were signed in red ink and none are sequentially numbered unlike the other Red Ink autographs in the product.

Short Printed Base Cards
Base cards 426-500 are short printed and can be found 1:3 packs.

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  1. The wiki contributors are all over 2010 Heritage. We even have half of the stamp checklist. FYI, Heritage retail is now available in my neck of the woods.