February 10, 2010

Yay for Snow Day and February Fury!

It's quite snowy in my neck of the woods today, looks like about 3"-4" on the ground already and still pounding. Joy! I love snow and winter, but I am sick of having to wear heavy clothes so I don't turn blue. Spring training is coming, and so is fantasy baseball. I will be opening the league up tonight and sending the invites.

How is it by everyone else? Anyone else happily (grumpily) snowed in?

I was going to use today to study and what not, but I am also going to take some time to attempt to put some of the 2010 Albert's in their home. I hate having his cards just laying around. I have almost all his 2010 Topps cards (not bothering with black /59 variations or game used unless by trade). I would love to have one of the Cano "pie in the face" variations for my binder but I don't care for $100. I don't even know if I would spend $5 on one just because to me, it's still a Topps base card that otherwise should be 10 cents. I know how it sounds but I can't help it.

So come on people, entertain me. =)


  1. Here in Way-Upstate NY (Seneca County) we've got about 4" on the ground and it's still snowing - but I don't think we'll get pounded like you guys will - unless the lake effect kicks in. So, I'm staying inside, listening to WFAN, and posting on the blog, heh.

  2. Heee. I live far north of you. I even live further north than wax wombat. And we have no snow for the second straight week.

    Feels good. But it's awfully damn cold.

  3. There's already 8 inches on the ground in central jersey, and it's still coming.

    This is not my favorite way to use my vacation time.

  4. I would say we are probably up to 6"-8" here also and it just started coming down heavier.

    It looks nice outside, but I just made an attempt to shovel, and decided it isn't worth it right now and I'll just fire up the snowblower later (read: make my brother do that because it's not easy to maneuver).

  5. Six inches here in Southern Missouri and more coming tomorrow. That is a ton of snow for us. The snow is good though because we usually only get freezing rain and that is a whole lot worse.

  6. I am a newspaper photographer. So while my teacher wife enjoys a day off with the kids, I get to drive around unplowed roads, hike up unplowed driveways so I don't get stuck, and generally risk life and limb for pictures people will forget tomorrow.

    Those pie-in-the-face cards are $100 bucks! Damn. I guess I won't be collecting *every* 2010 Topps card.