February 25, 2010

What Marie is going to do...

Dear Readers,

She may put her thumbs in her eyes if she has to shovel the driveway just one more time. She has been out there 4 times that she can remember, not including the last trip that was supposed to just be to flag down a plow to clear the 2 plus feet of snow that the town buried at the bottom of the driveway. She also got the joy of feeling like a kid submerged in snow... only this time it was to dig one side of my car out and clear the 2 wheels.

Marie is now going to take a shower and hibernate until baseball season. Good day.

the crazy lady.

P.S. If she still has eyes, and is awake she will scan Heritage cards and post a break.

P.P.S. Storm almost halfway over and there is at least a foot of snow already.


  1. I hear the 2nd half is supposed to be worse then the first. something about a reverse Low or something. I guess the storm picks up some moisture from the ocean and the back half of the storm will have more snow in it.

  2. I just heard the same thing on the news. Peachy.

  3. I know how ya feel... I been out there a few times myself and the worst isn't here yet.

  4. It's a warm sunny day in NC. Didn't even wear a jacket to work today!

  5. no sympathy from me. You choose where you live, and there are better places to live if you hate snow.

    Did I mention Albuquerque has had lots of little storms with no more than about 3 inches in any one storm this season and most were dustings to 1 inch? Weird that the six inch snowfall hasn't happened yet. ;-P

    another storm coming in Sunday from SoCal. Only expected to be rain or up to 1 inch of snow.

  6. Albuquerque? I was supposed to take a left turn there once.

    But what do you do about big league baseball out there. Within a 4 hour drive I can see 4 different major league teams, and so can Marie.