February 22, 2010

A True 1/1 of Albert Pujols

I can bet money that if you did a search on eBay for 1/1 Albert Pujols cards you would not find one like mine. My card was custom made by fellow blogger, and reader, topher. For those of you that don't know him, his blog is Crackin Wax and he also makes his own baseball cards for TTM or in person autos. His cards are Game Day Graphers and they freakin' rule.

I only wish that I could send my Pujols GDG card to him and that he would sign it, but I know that isn't the case. I am going to send Phil Hughes my GDG card from last year once I get the right marker pen to send with it this week. I was on my way to the craft store to purchase the pen today, but got pulled over, got a ticket, and lost all motivation to drive anywhere but home. Talk about putting a damper on my fun, but it was my own fault (growl).

Once I buy the pen I will write a note and put it in the mail to Spring Training and patiently wait for it to come back. Hughes used to be on the Beckett message boards and I am pretty sure he will sign since he signed tons of stuff last season when he was keeping up with his blog on Yard Barker.

Thank you, topher. Another awesome looking card for my collection, and it's a 1/1! I wonder what I could get for it on eBay? Just kidding.


  1. It's amazing how many talented graphic artists we have in the blogosphere and yet, we still get designs from the big companies which leave much to be desired - and they supposedly have professional graphic designers hehe. Cool card!

  2. My pleasure! I'm glad you're enjoying it. Please be sure to let me know how your Hughes turns out, too!

  3. Sounds like you need to invest in a good radar detector...

    Very cool looking card from topher.

  4. Topher's cards rule. I remember not too long ago, someone was posting cards that blogger's had created. Some were outstanding, putting both Topps and UD to shame.

    Anyone remember this?

  5. LOL, Dave I have a radar detector in my arm rest... They aren't legal in NY, and I used to leave it in the window, but it goes off at banks, microwaves, supermarkets, etc. And when you get pulled over around here with one the cops break balls over it. However, it may be back in my window by weeks end.

  6. Marie, it looks like they are legal in NY unless you drive a commercial vehicle or use one that attaches to your windshield (which is most of them, I know):

    And besides, I think the cops would have a tough time breaking your balls ... haha