February 9, 2010

Trip to the Hobby Shop

Saturday I was in the gym and I noticed my phone had the blinking red light indicating a message. It was an e-mail from Dave over at the Baseball Card Store saying they opened a pack of 2010 UD and decided not to leave it out because I would want it and to stop by when I had time. We all know what happened next. I finished up my workout, grabbed a shake, and hit the road for the card store.

You can't send me an e-mail like that and expect me to not run there immediately. I have no patience, and no will-power. I hauled tail to Jersey and no one was surprised that I was there so fast. Dave throws me the pack and I flip through them somewhat slowly to enjoy whatever I was going to find.

Here is why they saved the pack for me:

However, the pack also contained these pretty awesome cards...

I have to say this is the most hilarious card I have seen. I might even like it better than the Pujols card. It is perforated down the middle for separation but I'm leaving it intact. Awesome card. They could really make a whole set of these caricatures but as baseball players, I think they are fun.

Oh yeah, and instead of a thick cardboard filler I ended up with this:

Ichiro 2010 Exquisite serial numbered /75. These cards are super thick and very nice if you ask me.

I may make a trip to the shop after class since I am anticipating being snowed in tomorrow I will need something to keep me occupied. Oh and I will need something to blog about, which is always a great excuse right?


  1. They are inserting Exquisite into (hobby) packs?

  2. Yeah, across all the brands I think.

  3. See, all my Astros are going to you!

  4. Awesome - especially the Ichiro!

    So what do you like better - 2010 Topps or UD?

  5. I was at that Twins game (big shocker, I know). That was an incredible freakin' game.

    BTW. The word verification for me today is "diotbars." Are you ladies trying to tell me something?!

  6. Best card in the pack? The Jolie/Pitt card! I want it! lol