February 15, 2010

Topps Million Card Giveaway

Why didn't I think of this as a blog contest? I could have gotten rid of every card I hate and/or don't want by sending you all codes... However, I have a life and no time to come up with a system to do such event. Anyway.... I'm done poking fun.

It seems like most people are having a slow time redeeming their codes, or having no luck at all. I have to find my code cards before I can try and redeem them. I will probably wait a few days until the chaos and slow registration dies down.

If you were able to redeem your Topps Million Card Giveaway code cards, what did you get? I am curious as to what is floating around out there since not everyone that collects uses twitter. Feel free to list your cards and perhaps maybe you guys can use the lists as a way to trade for cards you would like.


  1. I've managed to redeem 4 of my 5 cards.

    1987 Dave Winfield
    1993 Omar Vizquel
    2000 Fred McGriff
    2005 Mark Buehrle

    Hopefully I'll be able to find out what the 5th crappy card is at some point tonight.

    I know that Stale Gum got a couple of pretty sweet cards, so some bloggers are doing better than others.

  2. I had 1 code and got a '68 Lou Johnson. I'm happy.

  3. 1961 Chico Fernandez
    1973 Juan Marichal
    1974 Larry Gura
    pics over at my place

  4. Only 2 of 8 redeemed so far:

    1988 Scott Garrelts
    1993 Rockies Future Stars (nobody anyone's heard of).

    There are reports of people get some great stuff: 1960s cards, 1952 Topps. I think it's cool.

  5. Rookie Stars Card Boston Red Sox 1964
    Teddy Higuera 1990
    Denard Span 2009

  6. http://www.picturecardsandbubblegum.com/post/391434061/the-topps-million-card-give-away-site-went-live

    I got 2 1952 Topps amongst others. Must ... go.. get.. more... codes

  7. People are managing to unlock better cards than I expected, but I'm getting really frustrated with the Topps website. It finally let me make an account, but it has no intention of letting me redeem my one stinking code.

  8. 2009 Brandon Phillips and 1991 Atlee Hammaker.

    That's was fun.

  9. The best 1 i got was a 1960 Harmon Killebrew!

  10. 1993 Tracey Woodson
    1962 Robin Roberts
    1987 Reid Nichols
    1988 Kevin Bass
    2005 Mark Loretta
    1987 Whitey Herzog

  11. I guess the best I got is a 1974 Burt Hooton. That was out of 12 redeemed. I have 12 more to do. I seem to have had terrible luck.

    I can't find the actual cost of shipping on the Topps website...anyone know? Not that I'd do it for the ones I redeemed.

  12. We're redeeming only 1 each day at our blog. Today the first (of 14 total so far) was a 1988 Fred Lynn.

    I'm optimistic that won't be the best card of the batch.

  13. Redeemed 2 of 2:

    1987 Leon Durham
    1973 Jim Spencer

    Not too bad so far.

  14. Hi, new to the blog. Took awhile to get onto Topps website and register account, but eventually able to redeem my codes:

    1969 Juan Marichal
    1986 Mike LaCoss
    1987 Dave Winfield
    1989 Robin Yount
    2001 Randy Wolf
    2005 Eric Hinske
    2005 Mike Timlin
    2009 Bonderman (traded for 2009 Verlander need for set).

    Overall, I'm happy with the promotion. Marichal is $8 in Beckett. Winfield and Yount are not commons. Plus was able to trade for a card I needed. On the website they show lots of good cards unlocked already (1952's, Jeter auto's, etc).

  15. I got the following:
    1960 Bob Schmidt
    1972 Steve Renko In Action
    1984 Rick Sutcliffe
    1987 Robin Yount
    1990 Bobby Bonilla
    1971 Woodie Fryman

    Pretty fun stuff.

  16. Sigh, I guess I will find my code cards and try this tonight or tomorrow.

    I've heard a couple of cool Marichal cards which is fun, and to the people who got 2009 cards that is just ridiculous (not that a 1987 card is any better in my eyes).

  17. Jeff Stone 1987

    I can barely contain my excitement.

  18. '57 Daryl Spencer, '62 Willie Mays AS and a couple of others. I'm very happy. Now I have to find someone to accept a trade.