February 4, 2010

This post has nothing to do with baseball or cards

I went to a concert last night in New York City and I've been looking through YouTube for clips of the show. I saw lots of people with their phones and digital cameras taking photos.

Here's one song of My Favorite Accident with Motion City Soundtrack.

One of the coolest part of the show was near the end. An acapella group came out and performed one of Motion City Soundtrack's songs.

Justin Pierre, co-founder and lead vocalist, said they found these guys on You Tube and invited them out.

Here's the You Tube clip of the Williams Octet originally performing the song.

I was in sharing kind of mood today.

Thanks for entertaining me.


  1. That post had nothing to do with baseball or cards.

  2. Saw MCS open for the Weakerthans in 2004 I think in Hoboken when they were still supporting I am the movie right after the signed up with Epitaph. It was good a show - seen em a few times since - new album didnt wow me though

  3. also - if you dig acapella stuff Ben Folds had a bunch of different schools do his songs for a whole cd - pretty awesome stuff

  4. I think I like....Thanks for entertaining me.

  5. First time I saw them was in 2006, I think, at Bamboozle when it was at Asbury Park.

    Seen them a bunch of times since.

    I like their new album. But, the truth is, I'm not much of a music person, so they could be screeching the whole time and I would probably still enjoy it because I like the band.

  6. wowo - bambooles! saw many great bands at the first few - when i was cool and went to show and now i just listen to the descendents all day alone in my house -